The Big Bang Theory

When I first heard the news that Stephen Hawking was dead, it almost felt like a shockwave hit me. He was 96 years old.

steven hawking

He was the most incredible scientist the world has ever seen. Why? The answer is clear: he was something called an Astrophysicist. A scientist.

An astrophysicist is a scientist that looks up into the stars. It doesn’t matter when, or where. The stars were mystifying at night. So beautiful, so many things to constantly count. Until one day, those stars went dark.

When Stephen Hawking was born, he was a visionary. Sure, the kids picked on him, called him a nerd. In fact, it didn’t bother him at all. For he had a dream in his head that he couldn’t stop seeing. When you dream, anything is possible in your head. You imagine things, daydream, and the ideas simply come to life.

I’m a writer. Not that it matters, but just like Stephen Hawking, I had a dream. One thing we have in common is that we are extremely shy people. You’ve seen those nerds before. Always wearing black, making ugly faces, but no one knew that someone out there was secretly, secretly judging them. Jealously? Hah! I think not.

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Enjoy This 4th of July!

July already? Sheesh! Where has the time gone?

It’s time to recognize the day that many sacrifices have been made to make this country truly independent. Whether you’re going out with friends to a party or bar to celebrate, BBQing with family, or enjoying a quiet evening with the television to watch the fireworks on the news, it’s a day that should always be remembered for those who have fought to be separate from the British Empire, and thus the United States became its own nation 241 years ago.

And thank you, for our brave men and women serving our country, keeping us safe, and proud, in the United States.