Society, College, and Cookies

2.5.13-College-Graduation-StudentsCollege…is a place where students go to almost directly after high-school, to better their education in a field or practice that would make them certified for a job, or career, and eventually earn enough of an income that would cushion them for the rest of their lives. That’s a simple definition that I, and other high-scholars, college students, teachers, and parents, have. They all make college the number-one priority; the biggest achievement that any person must look forward to and complete, so that they can even stand a chance in this crumbling economy or, even, in this world. There is, however, a complication with this ideal. It may be defined for the general people, but not for the individual person.

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Thank You SO Much For Your Generosity!

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Kidist had hit rock-bottom–from her in-laws stealing money, food, and abusing her credit, her own family not taking her in, and a small child to take care of, she was at odds with the world.

With over 40 shares on Facebook and on DeGrathier combined, Kidist was able to get some funds for her time in need. She was surprised–she cannot tell you how grateful she is that people actually care, and are willing to help!

If you would like to make any further donations, click one of the links below, or just share her story! Again, thank you so much, and have a happy holiday!

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Saul M. from Maryland, US

Katrina F. from Maryland, US

Stivaly T. from Maryland, US

Kadija W. from Maryland, US

Cody and the Itch Monsters–Help Would Be Amazing!

Video of this campaign is available! (This is how bad the scratching can be…)


This is Cody–my adorable, mixed American Shorthair. At first, he developed a terrible bacterial infection in both ears, which caused severe itching and scratching. Eventually, he’s developed what’s called a hematoma in his left ear (a flap of skin that collected blood over time caused by extensive scratching and shaking of the head).


(as you can tell, his poor little ear is disfigured :<)

If you’d like to make a donation to fix his ear, please click here. If you’d like to learn more, click continue below.

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