Cody and the Itch Monsters–Help Would Be Amazing!

Video of this campaign is available! (This is how bad the scratching can be…)


This is Cody–my adorable, mixed American Shorthair. At first, he developed a terrible bacterial infection in both ears, which caused severe itching and scratching. Eventually, he’s developed what’s called a hematoma in his left ear (a flap of skin that collected blood over time caused by extensive scratching and shaking of the head).

If you’d like to make a donation to fix his ear, click here or click directly above on the “Feeling generous?” menu item. If you’d like to learn more, click continue below.

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Enjoy This 4th of July!

July already? Sheesh! Where has the time gone?

It’s time to recognize the day that many sacrifices have been made to make this country truly independent. Whether you’re going out with friends to a party or bar to celebrate, BBQing with family, or enjoying a quiet evening with the television to watch the fireworks on the news, it’s a day that should always be remembered for those who have fought to be separate from the British Empire, and thus the United States became its own nation 241 years ago.

And thank you, for our brave men and women serving our country, keeping us safe, and proud, in the United States.




Thoughts About Love

A good number of us fall in love for the first time at a young age. Some of us don’t know what love is until later on in life. There’s even some of us who thought they were in love, but it was really passion that was relieved by a few good nights of wine and soft sheets.

Love can be a tricky thing. The word itself has been used so many times that it has lost its value completely. Yet, love can have different meanings towards different people.

To scientists and realists, love is simply a chemical reaction in the brain that gives us humans the drive to procreate with suitable mates. To the rest of us, love is a strong desire for someone we care about.

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*ding, ding, ding* *whiiiirrr* “You’re a winner!”

“I just won $100!” (after spending $150 total)

This is where the point of no return begins. The hypnotizing colors, the little tug of hope every time you spin that wheel or pull that lever, or pick up those cards, the satisfaction of making even the smallest win, the devastation when all your winnings or money spent go down the drain after being a little too hopeful, sometimes there’s the exhilaration of making a big win, thinking it could happen again.

This is the beginning of the end for a lot of people. This is the start of gambling addiction.

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13 Reasons Why – A Review *SPOILERS*


In the photo: Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) (Source)

The main plot of the an-hour-per-episode show, 13 Reasons Why, is about a young girl named Hannah Baker, who tragically decided to end her life at the age of 17. Clay Jenson, the main protagonist of the show, is given these audio tapes of Hannah telling her side of the story of 13 unfortunate events that lead up to her suicide. The tapes were given to him by a close friend named Tony Padilla, who was responsible for performing Hannah’s final wish, which was to pass on the tapes to the first person of the series of tapes, and to make sure the package of tapes was passed on from person to person, in the order of reason 1 to 13.

Seeing this title constantly being mentioned in online media made my curiosity peaked. I was in dire need to be into some sort of series, and, regarding the overwhelming sadness of the main plot, I dreaded to watch the story of the reasons why a young girl committing suicide unfold. Yet, I watched it all the way until the end.

Out of 5 stars, I’d give this a 3. Read more to find out why.

Warning: Please don’t read any further unless you’ve watched the entire series, or you don’t mind having the series spoiled for you.

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Neat Little Tricks for Remembering What You Studied in School



For those of you who are doing college classes this summer, or planning to in the fall (or if you’re just a nerd like me who happens to like to learn a lot), here are a couple methods for remembering what you studied for in your classes, increasing your chances overall for passing those exams:

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(Pt. 3) When I was a young girl…



As everyone pretty much agrees, teenage years were very awkward, confusing, frustrating, and maddening, to say it lightly. Just as I was talking about selfishness, at this stage in life, I was very selfish–and confused, and self-critical, and just angry with myself mostly. I was passive-aggressive, quiet, and quite vicious when the wrong buttons were being pushed–and because I let those buttons be pressed by, what I call, “mental terrorists” (okay, I admit–Dane Cook said that), the anger just built up, like constantly shaking a soda can. You shake it, constantly, wondering “what would happen”, and–



I became a terrible, terrible person to the people I loved, and those strangers who enjoy public dramas thought it was the best thing they’ve ever seen–turning a quiet, laid-back, genuinely nice and sweet girl into the beast they wanted to see.

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(UPDATED) PLEASE SHARE: A Beagle Named Skylo


(Source) (Not an actual picture of Skylo)

Based on a true story.

M loved animals. From taking an injured squirrel to her home to take care of to putting back a Robin’s egg back to the mother’s nest, M was a very caring, nature-loving girl. It’s why we get along so well–although we both grew up around the urban capital of the U.S., in our hearts we were rural girls. Or, at least we wanted to be. For 13 years we’ve been through many of life’s tests, from teaching each other different ways of coping with our stressful families to being each other’s rock when the rest of the world seemed untrustworthy and dangerous (more stories about our friendship later).

I remember being there when M picked out Skylo. He came from a family of beagles, with several other pups. M wanted a dog so bad–and I didn’t blame her. Her last dog was put down simply because he was a pitbull, and the neighborhood believed that he was aggressive and a “danger to the community”, even though he has never hurt a soul.

Regardless, after mourning for a couple years, M received her new shaky, scared yet adorable little creature named Skylo. Her family was delighted by his presence.

beagle puppy little older.jpg

(Source) (Not an actual picture of Skylo)

Skylo was a sweet, delightfully playful dog–however, it wasn’t long before M’s Ethiopian parents thought that the “delightful Skylo” was an annoyance–especially to her older brother, Iyasu.

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You’re Selfish.

How many times have you heard that in your lifetime? Especially as a teenager and young adult?

Yet, unfairly, our mothers do the same thing. So do our fathers.

As human beings, we do care for others–but being at such an awkward stage in life can have its emotional tolls. From religious beliefs to core values, it can be difficult being young and wanting independence. As soon as we turn 16 we want our own apartment, our own phone, our own way of finding some kind of sanctuary–or our own party hub. Whichever we prefer, I’m sure our parents have worried about this for a very long time.

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