Blue Roses

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Zaina discovers that she is among the most powerful spirits the universe has ever seen. She learns this by a handsome country-boy named Reymond, who has that irresistible, crooked smile. However, there is evil in the midst, and something–or someone–is after her. She discovers years of lies, and centuries of deception. Will she be able to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late?

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Dark Pedals: Sequel to Blue Roses

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Everything I once knew is suddenly being questioned.

My heart, my soul, it's damaged, and I can never go back to the once comfortable place I sought when things were at their worse. The person I once knew is someone completely different, and it's as if he's a stranger again. I'm left with nothing but this, this thing that he left behind, all because I was too foolish to realize what danger I was being put through. I was gullible.
And now, with this new knowledge I've gained about my past, my present, and my future, I have to find a way to save myself--and to save the little light that is growing inside me.


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Monarch of the Zodiacs Series

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A world ruled by the twelve zodiacs–four elements within several countries. A raging, deadly war is beginning between the two most powerful fire nations the globe has ever seen, and there is nothing to stop the devastation. When an infant boy is discovered amongst the remains of his parents, it changes everything–and the only way to stop a raging inferno is with a well-needed rain. (Source of cover background)

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Any Way You Can Help Is Appreciated!

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I never ask for much. This is a tragic event–and I need your help to change this fate.

My best friend, Kidist, is currently homeless. She is broke and has barely any means to make it by. Donations will be used to not only help her get food, shelter, water, clothing, and medicine (she has Type I diabetes), but it will also go to her little daughter, Maliah, who is currently sick.


Her daughter, Maliah, is 2 years old, whom currently has a bad cold and asthma.

Any donations that are graciously given will go towards Maliah’s medical bills, her food, and diapers. Please share their story on Facebook or Twitter, or donate whatever you can manage. Sharing their story is more than enough.

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