Chapter 3 of MZ Fotia: The Unexpected Guest

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A world ruled by the twelve zodiacs–four elements within several countries. A raging, deadly war is beginning between the two most powerful fire nations the globe has ever seen, and there is nothing to stop the devastation. When an infant boy is discovered amongst the remains of his parents, it changes everything–and the only way to stop a raging inferno is with a well-needed rain.

There’s also a book already completed:

Zaina discovers that she is among the most powerful spirits the universe has ever seen. She learns this by a handsome country-boy named Reymond, who has that irresistible, crooked smile. However, there is evil in the midst, and something–or someone–is after her. She discovers years of lies, and centuries of deception. Will she be able to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late?

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Coming soon in 2018


Nothing in my life makes sense anymore. The things I thought I knew have been twisted, and the people I’ve known all my life seem to be turning against me. My own faith is being questioned, and now the danger I was warned about in the beginning is becoming a reality. I have to re-learn everything, and quickly. The only redemption in my sanity left is the little light growing inside me.


This is the sequel to Blue Roses. If you think Dark Pedals is going to be interesting, Blue Roses is where it all began. Click here to buy Blue Roses on Amazon!

Thank You SO Much For Your Generosity!

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Kidist had hit rock-bottom–from her in-laws stealing money, food, and abusing her credit, her own family not taking her in, and a small child to take care of, she was at odds with the world.

With over 40 shares on Facebook and on DeGrathier combined, Kidist was able to get some funds for her time in need. She was surprised–she cannot tell you how grateful she is that people actually care, and are willing to help!

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Okay, yes–this issue has been made fun of online for a while. As usual, men make fun of women for blaming men for little stuff, but this is, in fact, real.

I appreciate the women speaking up on sexual abuse. We’re making a change bigger than anything this world has ever seen. From those abused in public to those in private, how can we protect ourselves?

Never give up. As a woman behind the screen all the time, I will support this movement with all of my heart.

(UPDATED) PLEASE SHARE: A Beagle Named Skylo


(Source) (Not an actual picture of Skylo)

Based on a true story.

M loved animals. From taking an injured squirrel to her home to take care of to putting back a Robin’s egg back to the mother’s nest, M was a very caring, nature-loving girl. It’s why we get along so well–although we both grew up around the urban capital of the U.S., in our hearts we were rural girls. Or, at least we wanted to be. For 13 years we’ve been through many of life’s tests, from teaching each other different ways of coping with our stressful families to being each other’s rock when the rest of the world seemed untrustworthy and dangerous (more stories about our friendship later).

I remember being there when M picked out Skylo. He came from a family of beagles, with several other pups. M wanted a dog so bad–and I didn’t blame her. Her last dog was put down simply because he was a pitbull, and the neighborhood believed that he was aggressive and a “danger to the community”, even though he has never hurt a soul.

Regardless, after mourning for a couple years, M received her new shaky, scared yet adorable little creature named Skylo. Her family was delighted by his presence.

beagle puppy little older.jpg

(Source) (Not an actual picture of Skylo)

Skylo was a sweet, delightfully playful dog–however, it wasn’t long before M’s Ethiopian parents thought that the “delightful Skylo” was an annoyance–especially to her older brother, Iyasu.

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