Happy 2018!


I’m sure 2017 wasn’t the best for many of us. Perhaps for others it was the best year they’ve ever had, whether it was good financially, socially, or spiritually.

However your 2017 was, hopefully 2018 will be even better–and it will be better. Make sure your new-year resolutions aren’t too crazy. Baby-steps, baby-steps! Enjoy your time with family, friends, or alone (whether you’re glad to be alone or not), and have a fantastic new year!

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Enjoy This 4th of July!

July already? Sheesh! Where has the time gone?

It’s time to recognize the day that many sacrifices have been made to make this country truly independent. Whether you’re going out with friends to a party or bar to celebrate, BBQing with family, or enjoying a quiet evening with the television to watch the fireworks on the news, it’s a day that should always be remembered for those who have fought to be separate from the British Empire, and thus the United States became its own nation 241 years ago.

And thank you, for our brave men and women serving our country, keeping us safe, and proud, in the United States.