Okay, yes–this issue has been made fun of online for a while. As usual, men make fun of women for blaming men for little stuff, but this is, in fact, real.

I appreciate the women speaking up on sexual abuse. We’re making a change bigger than anything this world has ever seen. From those abused in public to those in private, how can we protect ourselves?

Never give up. As a woman behind the screen all the time, I will support this movement with all of my heart.


The Quiet One




A.K.A the shy girl, the shy guy, the silent type, the person either no one notices or everyone talks about, the one that causes class-wide silences when asked to read a passage or picked to answer a question, the one that everyone is somewhat afraid of because they never say anything–also known as the introvert.

This is a pretty difficult personality to have. I say this because shyness is often associated with other qualities and terms that are often negative–lack of self-esteem, anti-social, self-hating, no friends, et cetera. Sometimes this trait is viewed positively, as we shy people are often modest, nice, and caring, but then that seems to give the incentive to others to take advantage of us, like copying our homework or making us drive people to places, or even convince us to give people money.

Not all introverts are shy people-pleasers, however. There are those of us who are just as confident as extroverts–even as stubborn against doing tasks for others–it’s just that we prefer to spend most of our free time alone. Of course, similar and same negative connotations arise for us who are in fact loners–anti-social, having no (social) life, lack of being in intimate relationships, so on and so forth. But, this is hardly true–in fact, the opposite often exists without people realizing or taking the time to get to know their introverted counterpart.

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This is a topic that has been gnawing at the edge of my brain for a long time.



Women have been shaving their legs only recently in human history–and now it’s become so normal that there are men out there that believe women are naturally hairless, as we tend to get rid of hair, well, everywhere. The thing that was bugging me for so long was, why? Why does it matter that women shave their legs? Can’t we let our bodies grow what’s natural and then run with the wind and cannonball right into a pool or beach?

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*ding, ding, ding* *whiiiirrr* “You’re a winner!”

“I just won $100!” (after spending $150 total)

This is where the point of no return begins. The hypnotizing colors, the little tug of hope every time you spin that wheel or pull that lever, or pick up those cards, the satisfaction of making even the smallest win, the devastation when all your winnings or money spent go down the drain after being a little too hopeful, sometimes there’s the exhilaration of making a big win, thinking it could happen again.

This is the beginning of the end for a lot of people. This is the start of gambling addiction.

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You’re Selfish.

How many times have you heard that in your lifetime? Especially as a teenager and young adult?

Yet, unfairly, our mothers do the same thing. So do our fathers.

As human beings, we do care for others–but being at such an awkward stage in life can have its emotional tolls. From religious beliefs to core values, it can be difficult being young and wanting independence. As soon as we turn 16 we want our own apartment, our own phone, our own way of finding some kind of sanctuary–or our own party hub. Whichever we prefer, I’m sure our parents have worried about this for a very long time.

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