Who is DeGrathier?

Everyone needs an escape.

Television, books, movie theater, DVD stores, comics, magazines, computers, consoles–entertainment is partĀ of life, and there’s something for everyone in a world filled with media.

My name is Cynthia DeGrathier (pen-name), and I’m not an expert in anything in particular. The most you can say about me is that I’m an aspiring writer and an avid thinker. Even though I am very much an introvert, I do like helping other people and am quite the empathizer of sorts. It’s why I love diving into whatever is fun to watch, read, play or interact with. Sometimes I get so enamored into the main character or story that I disconnect from real life. Other times, I find myself screaming mentally (or even outwardly) about the way a movie played out, or how a book ended, or how a game was made. Thus, my interest in writing reviews was born. From book reviews, TV show reviews, movie reviews, gaming reviews, anime reviews and more, I’m here to give my opinion on pretty much every title that’s out there.

It’s not just because I like sharing my opinion–I want to be the test dummy of titles for those who aren’t sure about getting into something. Even older titles are going to be reviewed, and compared, to the newer stuff, because hey–who doesn’t like the classics? If you’re not sure about a title, hand it over to me and I’ll try it out for you.