Birthday Party

Fond memories stick to your brain like superglue.

I remember this specifically when I was turning 10 years old:

I had a little elementary school crush that began when all he said was “you’re cute,” as we worked on classwork at a table with just us.

My eyes lit up like the stars at night out in the country. He thinks I’m cute? *gasps*

Ever since, I had a hard crush on that boy. So, I decided to invite him to my birthday party when November came around.

I invited classmates that were girls. No boys came, of course, because I really wanted my crush to come. The girls figured it out quickly that I had a crush, and they figured out I invited him. The girls crowded around me, turned on the radio, and this one song came on that I could never forget:

My Love by Justin Timberlake

justin timberlake

Thus, they sang, crowding around me, mockingly:

See, all I want you to do is be my love (So don’t give away)
My love (so don’t give away)
My love (so don’t give away)
Ain’t another woman that could take your spot
My love (so don’t give away)
My love (so don’t give away)
My love (so don’t give away)
Ain’t another woman that could take your spot, my love
Love, my love, my love (Source)

If you’re a 90’s-early 2000’s kid, you sang along, didn’t you? 

They crowded around me, sang, and for once, I wanted to sing, too. I put in one of my CDs (what’s a CD? Gosh, I’m old) and tried singing a song I knew by heart. I was only 30 seconds into the song before a rude girl said “Okay, my turn,” as she proceeded to skip the song. It infuriated me, but I didn’t show it.

Then, I saw balloons coming down the steps. Is that him? Is that really, really him? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my–

Oh. It was one of the parents.

The girls noticed I got excited every time someone came downstairs, so they say, “He’s coming now!” I’d look up the steps, but there was no one there. “Look, Cynthia, look, he’s coming down now!” They messed with me like this until I decided not to look anymore. I was pretty gullible back then, but smart otherwise. 

(Source of image)

Kids are mean.

I sat awkwardly as they sang “Happy Birthday To You”, had cake, opened up a few presents, showed a trustworthy friend a drawing and comic I made, and soon, the party ended.

The boy never showed up.

Back to school that Monday, I find out that he couldn’t make it because his parents told him no. I’m sure he was just as disappointed as I was.

I still think of him to this day. Now he’s about 500 or so miles away, but, I sometimes wonder if he thinks of me, too.

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