The Big Bang Theory

When I first heard the news that Stephen Hawking was dead, it almost felt like a shockwave hit me. He was 96 years old.

steven hawking

He was the most incredible scientist the world has ever seen. Why? The answer is clear: he was something called an Astrophysicist. A scientist.

An astrophysicist is a scientist that looks up into the stars. It doesn’t matter when, or where. The stars were mystifying at night. So beautiful, so many things to constantly count. Until one day, those stars went dark.

When Stephen Hawking was born, he was a visionary. Sure, the kids picked on him, called him a nerd. In fact, it didn’t bother him at all. For he had a dream in his head that he couldn’t stop seeing. When you dream, anything is possible in your head. You imagine things, daydream, and the ideas simply come to life.

I’m a writer. Not that it matters, but just like Stephen Hawking, I had a dream. One thing we have in common is that we are extremely shy people. You’ve seen those nerds before. Always wearing black, making ugly faces, but no one knew that someone out there was secretly, secretly judging them. Jealously? Hah! I think not.

Vision this Rock

pebble in hand

It’s just a harmless rock. Doesn’t really mean anything, right? Well, you were wrong. You’ve seen people skip rocks over the water. Skip, skip, skip. Bloop.

Skip, skip, skip, bloop.

Skip, skip, skip…


Well, that rock is out of the way. Certainly. It drops to the very floor, in a lake somewhere, far, far away. So far away, you’d never hear it.

Well, speaking of rocks…

Look at this Water


Drip. It’s harmless. Totally. Who doesn’t like a clean, refreshing, cool glass of water in the middle of a hot, hot day? It’s summer. I will not lie, some people enjoy the heat. It can be very relaxing, comforting, warmth. So warm. When you feel it in your chest, it’s like…the heat centers in the middle of your chest. Ah, that’s amazing.

Then here comes the sweat. Ugh. Sweaty, and it beads up right at your temples. It’s getting a lot warmer in here. Then, the beads of sweat slowly, not even realizing it, drips down your neck, perhaps into your collarbone. That’s how the body cools itself on such a hot day. Yes?

Sweating feels pretty good after a while. Not even realizing it, your body starts to cool off. If you’re right-handed, you feel that sweat beading up at your right temple. Then, you kinda feel it on your left temple, and being left-handed, you scratch it.

Well, while you’re keeping yourself busy, here’s something you didn’t notice: it’s getting a LOT warmer in here. It’s 100 degrees outside. You kinda feel like you’re going to die, but, that’s not true, so you tell yourself. Constantly.

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It’s like a shockwave has hit you. Let me tell you a tiny little detail about Steven Hawking: When he was daydreaming on such a hot day, he didn’t realize that in the middle of his forehead, something hit him. He was young. He didn’t realize it, but, as he was at the very top of the stairs in his own home, sleepwalking, he fell. Hit his head at the very bottom of the stairs.

It took a while. A very, very long time. So, what happened exactly?

He felt something called a shock wave. When you get shocked, you open your eyes, and you’re like: oh my god, what just happened? You feel something irritating you right at the center of your forehead. What is this, some kind of game? No.

You touch your forehead to scratch it for no reason. Silly.

He saw stars for a moment. He saw them. Then, lights out.

In the morning, more than likely, he found himself in the hospital. He wakes up, sees the doctors and nurses there, gently but sternly helping him. Little pinches in his arm to get blood. It already happened, it’s in the process of getting results. He doesn’t realize he’s awake, but he soundly goes back to sleep.

This is Lightning


You decide to watch a movie one day. You ask a friend. You kinda know what you want, but you ask them anyway. All this daydreaming has given you an idea. A very good idea in your brain. No one knows it, but it’s coming.

Your friend says: let’s watch horror! Huh? Are you serious?

Why, of course! I love a good thrill this early in the morning. You don’t want to, but, you get up when your friend calls, answer it, and you say okay. They pressure you to drive them. Okay, okay, okay. Sure, sure.

You go take your friend to the movies. Whether you like it or not, Steven Hawking and I were visionaries. Like, imaginary directors. No one knows it. It’s always in our minds. No idea, but we keep dreaming. Little stars. The stars become brighter. It’s almost magickal.

The movie is about to begin. The theatre goes dark. 1, 2, 3, ACTION!

You hear something wiggling at the very tips of your ears, and the movie begins with your eyes opening. This looks dumb. Remember that preview? You saw it so quick during television, turned up loud in the middle of the day without realizing it. You hear it, clicking. Now you’re getting interested.

You look closely. It’s a little terrifying, but the suspense is killing me. You see a dark room. Not enough light in there to see anything. You see a shadow. It’s pretty creepy. Very creepy. You see it, then, it’s gone.

All you see is any light you can find. Any light at all. Zip, zoom. Zip, and it’s gone.

The suspense is getting pretty wild. Too wild, but you’re so into the movie now that you can’t stop looking. Keep looking. I think I see something.

There. The light.

It’s so sparkly. So pretty. It’s quite amazing despite being in darkness for so long. Dark.

The electricity is flowing right through your body, making your heart race. It’s beating hard. Feel your chest.

You swallow. This cannot be good. Not good at all. No. No. You calm yourself in the suspense, but, you’re still looking, right?

The electricity sparkles. Woah. You feel your body and soul vibrating, but you don’t feel it yet. It goes extremely dark. You don’t realize it, but slowly, the suspense drowns you. You’re drowning.

You hear something, take a gasp. It’s too dark, and you take a deep breath. Even deeper. Even deeper than ever before. You think you’re getting some oxygen. Have a cigarette break, because this is getting good. You sit and listen. You think, but you listen.

Without a sound, it goes dark. What happened? Wait. The sound is gone too. It’s gone silent.


It’s quiet. Too quiet. You feel your chest vibrating. You kinda think it’s your phone for keeping it vibrating in your left pocket for so long. You feel it in your hip, but you don’t pay any mind to it. Watch it. Watch the movie.

The suspense is so much that you’re getting very scared. Hit the brakes! SCREEEEETCH!

You gasp. And it hits you. You scream!

You got spooked. It was a ghost, and your face was getting white for no reason. You thought you had a heart attack.

The spirit looks at you. Very menacingly. You shiver, the tingle going down your spine. If you’re a dog, you hide your tail between your legs. If you’re a cat, you back up, arch your back, hiss, and the prickliness irritates your back. The cat looks at you. You see a black cat. The green eyes look at you and it hisses. Dumb cat.

You swallow. You take a sip of your coke, and it’s over. It’s gone dark. You keep watching. You hear a screaming girl in the background, and a crow cawing. You hear it, but you don’t see it.

The suspense happens again, and it’s almost like a dark shadow comes to sit next to you. You think it’s just a guy sitting next to you, right? Yep. He sits pretty loudly, you feel the earth shaking. Boom.

As he sits, it hits you. The guy next to you sits down. Almost like a coincidence, a bright light smacks you in the eyes. What the…?

A very loud, male scream. You’re taken aback. Another jump-scare. One that leaves your knees bucking. You’re in your seat. Watching. You’re deeply afraid now.

A long beep from a heart monitor. It’s so loud and eerie that you can’t concentrate. The nurses and doctors rush over, Code Blue, to come revive there person. Ready?

CLEAR! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ-SHOCK! It’s still no use! Revive him, revive him! ZAP! It’s not working doc, we’re losing him! Rubbing the metal together, he hears a loud beep, and ZAP!

Boop. A heartbeat. It stops. Beep, beep. Beep, beep, beep.

The heartbeat is there. The monitor dings, and after a nurse comes to verify by giving a quick nod to the doctor standing by in his white lab coat and checkboard, he looks at it himself, and confirms to the paramedic that the person is alive. He comes to investigate, looking at the man’s chest, presses his left hand to his chest, and checks the clock. He finds the pulse on his left neck.

15 seconds go by. He’s alive. For now. Does quick math in his head.


young steven hawking

Stop the presses. It’s a headline on the news. At first, you think, wait, who’s dead? Oh. Just some guy. The people who know him know exactly who he is. He’s pretty young. He looks 24.

There’s nothing wrong with him. The paramedic leaves, and the doctor already knows. He leaves the room with the nurses following behind him. Hawking was alone. He’s sick, alone…disease. Let’s leave. Viruses. No. Stop. Keep reading. Keep watching.

He’s paralyzed, sound asleep. Poor boy. Eh. Whatever happened, the doctor will fix it.

Breaking a sweat there? So. Gunshot to the head.

The man was killed. That’s the end of it, as far as the news says. Listen. Keep watching.

The sweat feels good. Amazing, even. Phew. Coffee sip, swallow. That was pretty interesting, gotta tell ya. What’s next?

Why was Steven Hawking paralyzed? Stay tuned. May Steven rest in peace.

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When Steven was young, his father took him into the city, to see a marching band. He said, “Son, when you grow up, would you be the savior of the broken, the broken and the damned?”

Huh? “Listen.” Son looks down, and dad looks up at him.

“Will you defeat them, the demons, and all the non-believers, the sins that they have made?”

Yes, papa. March, march, march. The marching band is wearing red.

The boy isn’t paying attention. The dad paid for the trip. The father, when he was young too, prayed a lot to god. He was Christian. Faithful to God. Prayer was the answer as he questions, as a parent for a minute, what he did wrong.

The father was evil. He loved guns. Secretly.

Whether you like it or not, that father killed a man once or twice in his life. He signed up to join the military.

Discipline. That man grabbed his belt, took it off so fast, and whipped that boy to shreds. He disrespected him.

The boy screams, but he is blind with fury. He keeps going, over, and over again.

That boy was terrified out of his mind, going crazy, breaking everything in the house. The more things broke, the angrier the father got. He whips him so hard that he leaves a nasty red mark.

Blood. Guns. Violence. That’s just terrible. Oh my god. Yup.

That man should be in jail. Prison. Lock him up. Book him. Down he goes in handcuffs.

The judge says. “GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES!” The cops take him away. He’s gone for good. Thank the Lord, yes Jesus!

He’s out of your mind. Truth is, whether the judge says he’s guilty or not, that man is innocent.

He tried being a hero once, just like those cops that shot him. Those cops had no training at all. Shot a man blindly.

You need to see when you shoot someone. Deep breath in. Here goes nothing.

That guy was innocent, whether you like it or not. Don’t even worry about it.

Sadly, his little girl knows. She’s so little and shy, she couldn’t possibly know what’s going on. Keep telling yourself that. Well…Cynthia was that shy girl. Blushing all the time, outside of the house. Emotional. Thinks too much. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, that shy girl hiding behind her father like that, was me.

She’s so adorable. Look at those pretty, big eyes of hers. She heard you the whole time, talking on the phone, suitcase in your right hand, talking.

Keep talking. In her teenage years, she had just a vicious attitude. Slamming doors, listening to the devil’s music. Turns out, as scared and shy that girl was, she had nightmares every night. Every night.

That girl is scared. She’s shaking. She’s cold, give her a blanket. As her father and mother sit quietly watching horror, thinking that their sweet girl was asleep in the other room, she was listening the whole time. As she dreams, listening to the screams and laughter playing in the playground, outside she was tossing and turning. My baby! The mother screams.

Startling you, your wife checks the baby. Shh, shh, there, there. Oh, my darling. She cradles her. That baby is so comfy and cozy, asleep. Her husband over there, unexpectedly, shuts the laptop down, knowing his daughter is in trouble, thinking, what’s the matter with my daughter? He rushes over to where his wife is. He looks at his daughter’s sleeping face, and she’s the cutest little girl he has ever seen. She’s my daughter. I love her to death.

As mom gently places her in her crib, they go back to snuggle together. They watch the rest of the movie, together. Their daughter continues to have nightmares.

Unlike her parents, their daughter didn’t like to talk as she got older. She was quiet all the time, doing her homework, trying hard to concentrate. Something startles her, and you check in on her. Aw, she’s just doing her homework! I hope she goes to college when she gets older.

She does. Graduates. She’s excited that she got something powerful in her right hand: A Degree with Honors. Celebration! Clare!


I didn’t study much. Well, she did. And she got it. She goes to an interview the next day, and the interviewer says, you got the job.

Next day, she hears the horrible news: her father has died.

She’s shocked. She drops to her knees, falls, and cries, dropping the phone. She’s devastated. Good God. Take her to the hospital. Paramedics standing by, they rush over. Inject her to calm her down, she’s hysterical, damn it! Check for a pulse. No pulse.

Sadly, the doctor says to her mother, your daughter has died. She weeps, rocking herself. Everyone leaves the room to let her wail in agony. She is hysterical.

Mom is depressed. For a long time, she drinks alcohol carelessly. It slowly kills her. Deep inside, mom knew she was dying, even though the EKG said her heart was beating fine.

Swallow. She takes another sip of that Whiskey. Tastes good. Feels good. Her mouth goes dry.

This desert…I’ve been walking for hours. What? An oasis! Yes! Water!

So he drinks. This is the most amazing water I have ever tasted. He sits, calmly, in relief.

As mom thinks about her daughter dying, she dies too. By instinct, he calls her to check on her, because he’s been thinking about her all day. She doesn’t respond. Later, he finds out that his wife is dead.

Steven wakes up. He thought he saw his mother, but as the blur in his eyes dissipated, he realizes he’s in the hospital. He swallows with the little nerve endings he has left. He’s paralyzed.

He realizes this quickly, as the doctor comes in to talk to him. The doctor has the results. Hawking shuts his eyes, but he’s listening.

“Hi, Stephen! My name is Dr. Charlie. Now, Mr. Hawking, I have the results of your blood results. After careful consideration, Mr. Hawking, that bump in the head means that you are paralyzed. You have Lou Gehrig‘s disease.”

He doesn’t believe it. But, it’s true. They put him in a wheelchair, feeling helpless, and they take him home.

Using his mind’s eye, he writes a story. He is writing something with a twinkle in his eye.

He writes a theory and publishes it. The movie begins, with orchestras, singing.

As you hear him in his British accent, you’re mesmerized. He shows you the universe and everything. This is the best damn movie you have ever seen in your entire life, so she writes sadly.

The Author knew. That guy looking up at the sky was Stephen.


Stephen Hawking was no dreamer. He was a scientist by strength and an author by heart. His answer to the universe is this:

Everything is a cycle. The earth. The water you drink. The oxygen you breathe. The fire you snuff. Stephen Hawking says that is the power of the Universe. Everything is connected. From nothingness comes something, because that is the eternal cycle of everything. The big bang happens over and over again, in different universes at every possible time.



NASA handout photo of a stellar nursery located about 20,000 light-years from the planet earth in the constellation Carina

Stephen Hawking, you are One with the Universe.

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