Introverts Don’t Quite Understand Extroverts, Either


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Partying, taking pictures together, making friends with total strangers, bright, attention-getting colors, skinny-dipping–these are just a few things that make introverts want to scratch their heads (I should know!). At least 70% of the human population is extroverted–and, it makes complete sense. It’s our innate desire to connect with people, whether they are family or neighbors, that made us sprout into the population we have today (7-freaking-BILLION people).

So, as an introvert, we should take part in this ever-lasting party, right?

Right?…Guys? Where are you going!? Wait! Wait for me…!

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As much as being around others can be fun, it is the amount of stimulation that can be a tad overwhelming. As I mentioned in my previous articles, Why Are Introverts So Mysterious to Extroverts? and The Quiet One, being introverted is a natural lifestyle for those who enjoy a private, noise-reducing atmosphere. When we overhear someone’s conversation on other peoples’ weekend escapades or their frustration that their dog keeps wrecking their furniture, or why they decided to change their hair pink for the week instead of purple–it’s kind of a resounding who cares? we hear in our heads almost every time.

It doesn’t stop with loud conversations. There are people who attend nude beaches, start fights with strangers (without a cause for it sometimes), sing on public buses, jump into a car with people they met a minute ago, kiss random strangers on the streets, have intercourse in public–the list can go on for a while. They’re not all extroverts who do these sorts of things, but they certainly are attention-grabbers. Other stimulating activities that are rather normal can be anything from roller coasters to watching jump-scare horror movies.

There is nothing wrong in searching for something exciting to do. The typical hum-drum of life can be rather repetitive and boring–I even do things out of my comfort zone once in a while. The main thing that makes us scratch our heads is how people can be so bold and carefree–something an introvert can easily be jealous of. We tend to worry and think three times about our actions, but when we do something risky, or out of the heart, it can be quite riveting–even exhilarating.  

I guess you extroverts aren’t that hard to get after all.




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