5 Weird Life Hacks That Actually Work

“If it looks stupid but it works, then it’s not stupid.”

These tips have saved me more than once in those mild annoyances life throws at you, and could make your day just a bit brighter. Note: A couple of these I have not tried myself, but I have heard it from others.

1. Use tape for annoying lint/pet hair on clothing.

Image result for scotch tape

Packing tape is recommended, but if you only have Scotch tape, that works well, too. Simply wrap the tape around your hand, sticky-side-up, and tap anywhere that has annoying lint on your clothes.

A recent co-worker told me this method, and I kicked myself so hard in the brain for not knowing this sooner. It’s so simple, yet so effective–and I hate how my family (and myself) wasted money on lint brushes in the past when we had a home-version all along.

Stupid cat. I can never wear black around you…(I’m kidding. I love you, Cody.)

2. If you are about to sneeze but can’t do it, look at some bright lights.

Image result for bright light

Sneezing can be annoying, and even more-so when you feel like you have to sneeze but simply can’t. I found this method online randomly, and it works almost every time. In this day and age, we’re around bright lights one way or another–heck, maybe just increasing the brightness of our smartphones temporarily would make this work, too.

If you’re stuck in a dark room with the flu, well, that would be unfortunate.

3. Use a banana peel for scuffed shoes.


Image result for banana peel


Banana’s are way cheaper than buying shoe-polish. After eating that banana for breakfast, use the inside part of the peel and rub it on those pesky dark marks on your new Louis Vuitton shoes. So easy.

By the way, why would you want to scuff those? They’re worth more than all the furniture in my room combined…

4. Take pain-relievers before a dental appointment.


Image result for pain reliever


Afraid of the dentist? Many of us are. Even when they use medical injections to reduce pain, procedures seem to still hit those sensitive gum-nerves. I found this tip on a different site, and ever since, trips to the dentist went a lot smoother.

I still don’t like the dentist, though.

5. Use lemon juice to brighten blonde hair.


Image result for lemon


If you happen to use blonde hair-dye to highlight your hair, apparently lemon juice makes it appear lighter.

If you are a natural blonde, I’m not sure how this would work for you. I am a brunette, after all.


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