The Gates of Stinky Hell Joke





A man died and went to hell. When he enters the flaming gates, he meets me, the Devil.

“What happens now?” the man asks me.

I tell him, “Well, you have three options. There are three doors to choose from, and you can only choose one.”

“Let’s do it,” the man replies.

I show him the first door, and it is a group of people standing on their heads in a floor filled with cow manure. “I wouldn’t like that one. What’s in the second door?”

I show him door number two. Again, it showed people standing on their heads, surrounded by cow manure. “Okay, door number one AND two are the same–what’s the third option?”

In door number three, there were people walking around in cow manure and smoking cigarettes. The man says, “That doesn’t seem so bad.”

I reply, “Which door do you choose?”

The man didn’t hesitate. “Door number three.”

“Are you sure? Remember–this is for the rest of eternity.”


I let the man in door number three, watching him light up a cigarette and smoke with the rest. After a few minutes, I say, “Alright, break is over–get back on your heads!”

-William W.

steve carell lol GIF



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