Trolls Movie Review – Why I watched this movie over 3 times



Yes, I know this is a kid’s movie. BUT–it is such a great movie that it just lifts my spirits every time I watched it. It’s colorful and silly, yet it has room to teach us about our basic human emotion–happiness.

The main plot is about a world where two creatures exist–small ones called trolls, who love to sing, dance, hug and just be happy, and big ones called bergens, who are relatively miserable creatures that don’t know how to be happy on their own. One day, bergens discovered that they can be happy by eating trolls. Thus, the bergens captured the trolls’ tree, where all the trolls lived, and once a year they held a festivity called trollstice to eat trolls. However, on one trollstice day, the trolls escape and the royal cook responsible for conducting the feast is banished from Bergen Town. Twenty years later, the trolls are rediscovered, and some get captured. It is up to Princess Poppy, the heir to the throne of Troll Village, and Branch, one troll who doesn’t want to be happy, to save their friends from the bergens.

Out of 5 stars, I give this movie a full 5. Read below to see why~

Gentle warning: there are some mild spoilers and hints, but I promise to be as vague as possible.

As colorful, bright, silly and glittery this movie is, there are a few things that they don’t shy away from that most kid movies often do–the topic of death. It’s mentioned and shown in many parts of the movie, and I respect the creators for doing that, as death is a part of life, after all.

The universal lesson of this movie is that happiness can be achieved regardless of who you are. And, even though I’m not a huge fan of musicals, I do like the music numbers they portray throughout the movie, including a small tribute to the famous song Sound of Silence (originally by Disturbed) and, my favorite, a duet sung towards the end of the movie True Colors by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick (the voice actors of the main characters). This song and scene always made me cry.

This movie is truly meant to delight, even if the first ten minutes can annoy and turn off those who aren’t 3 years old and below. Regardless, I think this is a fantastic movie for not only families but individuals who are not too happy in their current lives. I guarantee Trolls will make you smile, laugh, and cry–and sometimes all three at the same time.


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