The Tiger Series by Colleen Houck



This book has to be one of my personal favorites. The page-turning action, the awe and passion of romance, and a riveting tale of fantasy–this book (and series) has it all.

A young woman named Kelsey Hayes just started a temporary job at a circus for the summer. One of the animals inside, a beautiful, white tiger, catches her eye. She feels bad for the creature being trapped in a cage, but soon she discovers that the tiger is more than she initially thought. She discovers a different world, a world filled with mystery and magic. She risks everything to piece together an ancient prophecy, and finally break the tiger’s curse.


Out of 5 stars, I’d give this a full 5. Read below to find out why.

These books are thick and long–but, they sure are worth the read. Your heart will pound and ache, and you will laugh and sometimes cry. After the first book, you will want to continue reading the second one–and the third in the series, and the fourth. Following Kelsey’s story, and adventure, and how she feels about the other main characters will make you feel as if you’re in the same world with her. She goes through epic moments, and for the other young women out there, you would relate to Kelsey one way or another.

These books are very well written. Houck uses very descriptive verbs and complicated words that even I had to look up in the dictionary from time to time. However, it’s not a hard read at all–the story is fine to follow, it’s just some words may catch you by surprise.

If only I can find my own handsome, Indian Prince.~



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