Thoughts About Love


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A good number of us fall in love for the first time at a young age. Some of us don’t know what love is until later on in life. There’s even some of us who thought they were in love, but it was really passion that was relieved by a few good nights of wine and soft sheets.

Love can be a tricky thing. The word itself has been used so many times that it has lost its value completely. Yet, love can have different meanings towards different people.

To scientists and realists, love is simply a chemical reaction in the brain that gives us humans the drive to procreate with suitable mates. To the rest of us, love is a strong desire for someone we care about.

If you’ve had friends fallen in love, you know what I mean when I say that they disappear off the face of the earth. They escape into lovey-dovey land, and forget that they have (or had) friends that require attention and company at least once in a while. You may have done this yourself–fallen in love and got together with that special person, and suddenly they become your whole world.

There’s nothing wrong with this, just as long as you’re willing to fit your close friends somewhere in your life.

Love can be and has been uses as a tool of great manipulative power, unfortunately. It has been used to control others for selfish gain. Because of this, some people have decided to never love again–or, even to hate the opposite gender.

Personally, love has to be built over time for it to be strong, true, and deep. It can also be lost with time–no heartbreak can last an entire lifetime. Most importantly, love can happen to anyone, regardless of looks or personality. And, perhaps, a little more love in the world would make it just a bit better.



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