Neat Little Tricks for Remembering What You Studied in School



For those of you who are doing college classes this summer, or planning to in the fall (or if you’re just a nerd like me who happens to like to learn a lot), here are a couple methods for remembering what you studied for in your classes, increasing your chances overall for passing those exams:



  1. Chew a particular flavored gum for that subject, and chew that same flavored gum while in class and studying at home, at the library, during your break at work, etc.Studies have shown that when you apply your senses into something you’re learning about (particularly this one is important because it involves taste!), it creates pathways in your brain to associate that flavor of gum with what you’ve already studied. Pretty cool, right?
  2. When you DO study, don’t lie in bed or get too comfortable–try to recreate your actual exam room the best way you can. This can be typically in a quiet room or library, and sit up on an actual desk while you study. This will also help you remember the important details of your learning, and when exams do come around, those pathways in your brain will be like, “hey, I remember this part–I feel just as uncomfortable testing as I was studying” (Sorry, bad attempt at comedy there).
  3. Try to study as close to bedtime as possible. I can’t quite remember the study behind this one, but if you do study before you sleep, you’ll have a higher chance of remembering it as your brain is more active when you sleep versus during the day when it’s concentrating on moving your legs, beating your heart, helping you breathe (gotcha there–now you’re breathing manually!), remembering that text your mother sent you, reminding you for the 50th time to pick up some milk on your way home from work–etc.

These tricks I learned from my AP Psychology class in high school, by one of my most favorite teachers of all time, Mr. Conner. If he happens to see this, I wanted to say, thank you for exposing me to psychology and just being so awesome. I hope you are enjoying your retirement!

I hope these tips help in your studies!


3 thoughts on “Neat Little Tricks for Remembering What You Studied in School

  1. This is so helpful! And it’s actually seems logical. I’m definitely going to try these.
    But I recall better when I study in a more comfortable place but then I have the tendency to fall asleep so maybe that’s not so helpful.
    Does the music thing work as well? Like if you listen to a particular song and sing it while writing your exam, it helps you recollect? Because most times I just get distracted and all I remember are the lyrics to the songs. On the plus side, I now know a lot of song lyrics.

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    1. Thank you! I hope it does help you.
      As far as the music thing, that can certainly work. Instead of singing the lyrics to the song, maybe you can listen to the instrumental version and make lyrics based on what you’re trying to remember.
      Did you ever watch Drake and Josh? I remember this one episode when they were about to win a prize from a radio thing and they had to name the 8th planet from the sun. Then, they remember a song they learned in school of all the planets, starting from Mercury. It was like “First Mercury, then Venus, saw the Earth, then Mars…” etc. I saw that episode enough to know all 9 (sadly, now 8, but in my heart, there’s still 9) planets.

      They answered Neptune, and they won. Of course, Megan got the prize…”*angrily* Megan”

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      1. I don’t care what anyone says; Pluto will always be a planet to me! Get back NASA with your facts and knowledgeable information. Pssh.
        I loved Drake & Josh! I don’t think I saw that episode but that sounds like such a Megan thing to do (*Josh’s voice* Megan!)
        I think one of my favorite scenes was the one where Drake drank straight from the milk carton and then Josh tried to do the same and Megan came into the room and was all “I’m telling.”
        Ha. Good times good times.

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