(UPDATED) PLEASE SHARE: A Beagle Named Skylo


(Source) (Not an actual picture of Skylo)

Based on a true story.

M loved animals. From taking an injured squirrel to her home to take care of to putting back a Robin’s egg back to the mother’s nest, M was a very caring, nature-loving girl. It’s why we get along so well–although we both grew up around the urban capital of the U.S., in our hearts we were rural girls. Or, at least we wanted to be. For 13 years we’ve been through many of life’s tests, from teaching each other different ways of coping with our stressful families to being each other’s rock when the rest of the world seemed untrustworthy and dangerous (more stories about our friendship later).

I remember being there when M picked out Skylo. He came from a family of beagles, with several other pups. M wanted a dog so bad–and I didn’t blame her. Her last dog was put down simply because he was a pitbull, and the neighborhood believed that he was aggressive and a “danger to the community”, even though he has never hurt a soul.

Regardless, after mourning for a couple years, M received her new shaky, scared yet adorable little creature named Skylo. Her family was delighted by his presence.

beagle puppy little older.jpg

(Source) (Not an actual picture of Skylo)

Skylo was a sweet, delightfully playful dog–however, it wasn’t long before M’s Ethiopian parents thought that the “delightful Skylo” was an annoyance–especially to her older brother, Iyasu.

Iyasu was a, how do I put it? A troubled soul who sought for happy companionship with his sister, but glared his teeth when she was ever alone with him. In fact, her entire family gave her plenty of excuses as to why she was (and still is) the black sheep of the family. Regardless, as M was being misunderstood and treated badly by a traditional Ethiopian household, so was Skylo.

Iyasu often left Skylo in his cage in the coldest part of the house–sometimes with no food nor water. Around the time M’s mother died, it was later learned that the treatment of Skylo was even worse than M and I have ever imagined:

  • Skylo was hardly walked
  • Kicked at
  • Screamed at
  • Starved
  • Beaten to the point by which he could barely move
  • Mistreated

And all because of Iyasu, and possibly M’s cousin.

The household knew exactly what was going on. And it continued to happen. Over, and over, and over again. They were afraid of them–intimidated by what they were capable of.

And M did nothing. Not even to call APS (Animal Protection Services) or AS (animal services) because not only was she intimidated by her brother, she was afraid of losing Skylo in the process.

The beatings came to a point that, one day, Skylo could not lay down because of the pain of his fractured ribs and spine. He was taken to the vet, but the story of his beatings were hushed from the veterinarian.

So, Skylo was prescribed painkillers that should’ve soothed the aches and sharp pain the poor thing must’ve experienced. M did her part, and so did Iyasu.

It wasn’t long before Iyasu successfully completed his quest–his sadistic mission.


M walks into the cold room where Skylo was sleeping. He was in his cage, with possibly barely any food, and barely any water for him. With her gentle hand, she rubs the fur that was sticking out, saying “Hey there, buddy. Come on, let’s go for a walk!”

No response from Skylo.

She opens the cage door, thinking he may have possibly passed out from exhaustion and pain. She reaches a hand to his shoulder and shook him a bit. Still no response.

So she tries the one thing that Skylo, and every other dog can’t get enough of: food.

She takes a small, raw piece of steak and placed it close to his dry nose. She would’ve thought that just the smell would’ve made him open his eyes at least.

To her horror, she comes to a quick realization:

Skylo was gone. Dead.

She begins to cry, silently, as she opened the mouth of Skylo, and discovered that he had a plethora of painkillers in his mouth. More than enough to kill the 90-pound Beagle.

It wasn’t M, obviously, because she loved her dog as if he was a son to her. The only other person responsible for administering his medication was Iyasu.

Iyasu may have killed Skylo–but, why? Was it to hurt M emotionally? Was it to get back at her for ever buying a replacement to Durgo (their previous dog)? Was he in a manic state when he killed Skylo, because he was clinically diagnosed as a Bipolar, Manic-Schizophrenic?

Or is he just a sadistic psychopath that is capable of killing without empathy, without feeling a thing, not only to animals but possibly to humans as well?

M is in danger. Which is why she didn’t want to call any sort of authority in the first place–because Iyasu may just be a possible murderer.

Please reblog this post, as it is based on a true story, and Skylo needs justice. We need your help to expose whoever poisoned him; there is another suspect: her mentally-abusive cousin.

Let’s meditate and pray, and fight for the innocent creature that has been tortured for years. The only relief about any of this is that Skylo will never have to suffer again.

Skylo died May 28, 2016, at age 9. Rest in peace, buddy–we’ll fight for you. I know that any animal, including dogs, go to heaven.






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