You’re Selfish.

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How many times have you heard that in your lifetime? Especially as a teenager and young adult?

Yet, unfairly, our mothers do the same thing. So do our fathers.

As human beings, we do care for others–but being at such an awkward stage in life can have its emotional tolls. From religious beliefs to core values, it can be difficult being young and wanting independence. As soon as we turn 16 we want our own apartment, our own phone, our own way of finding some kind of sanctuary–or our own party hub. Whichever we prefer, I’m sure our parents have worried about this for a very long time.

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The “need” to be selfish, it’s  been practiced as a sin in many religious texts.

I’m a very spiritual person myself, and my own religious beliefs are at my own discretion. But, it’s true–though I didn’t take the time to read Bibles, Korans, and other holy texts, there’s always those universal lessons: do not hurt others, no not kill, help your neighbor, et cetera.

Yet, different religions argue with each other all the time. They go back and forth, they see a couple people wearing robes with hoods or turbans, and they go insane.

The person offended would come up to that person and say, “Hey, this is America, and we Americans are Christian!”

“Oh really?” would reply the respectable, honorable Muslim. “Islam has been here way before your religion.”

“What!? WHAT!? Look here you piece of–”

And it goes on and on, on and on, and you know what they’re doing?

Do you think they’re having an intelligent argument or just bantering because of having too much pride?

The truth is, they are expressing the exact same thing we’ve been scolded for, for years as a child:

They’re acting Selfish.

Sanctuary 1

(Source) A lot of people find this to be their sanctuary, or…


(Source) This, or…


(Source) Or even this,

Rev. Selena Fox, senior minister and high priestess of Circle Sanctuary, a Wiccan church, offers a wellness blessing atop Spirit Rock at the sanctuary near Barneveld, Wis. (Photo @ Andy Manis)


Being selfish has nothing to do with how they interact with others. In fact, if you learn to love and care for yourself first, you can do a world of giving to those that need it. Have you noticed that those very friendly, helpful customer service representatives seem to be the most wonderful human-beings on Earth? It’s because many of them have confidence–and having confidence means they learned to love themselves first.

So, whether you’re reading this while at work, taking a break from errands, or simply relaxing, remember–always find your sanctuary, and be connected to those who will support you in your sanctuary, or even go at it alone. As long you learn how to love yourself and put yourself first, others will be grateful for the wonderful, giving person that you are.



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